TKC for Schools

Kind Kit for Schools


A full year’s worth of emotional health curriculum, includes:

  • 25 grade-level coloring books or journals 
  • x1 Enoughie Buddy plush doll
  • x1 Enoughie Buddy poster for your classroom
  • PDF Teacher Guide
  • PDF Extension Lessons
  • Online Staff Support 
  • Available Grades: Pre-K to Fourth
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Distance Learning

Keep SEL going together or apart.

Virtual Kind Kits

1-Year License (per classroom): $219

3-Year License (per classroom):  $549


  • PDF Grade-Level Curriculum (English or Spanish) 
  • PDF Extension Lessons
  • PDF Teacher Guide
  • Online Staff Support
TKC for Schools
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Experience our innovative emotional health workshops no matter where you are. 

Video Bundles

Our signature Enoughie Buddy videos blend SEL lessons with dance and play, life skills, and playful puppet shows. 

Bonus! Receive the Enoughie Buddy Song that gets little feet tapping and focuses on the message of I am Enough.

Enoughie Buddy Dance Vid

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